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Wanted for multiple murders

28. June 2017

Wanted for multiple murdersEkspedisjonssjef Omar Dajani. Foto: Rune Kongsro

Omar (G.) Dajani, born April 13, 1972

Mr. Dajani works for the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and enjoys the protection of the Norwegian government. In 2010 the Norwegian government implemented a tax reform designed by Mr. Dajani targeting Norwegian elderly people living abroad, resulting in more than a dozen retired Norwegians dying from starvation and suicide in Thailand alone, and a similar number in Spain. Casualty tallies from other countries are unknown. The Norwegian government has allowed this economic warfare against Norwegians abroad to proceed unchecked. Today Mr. Dajani serves as Director General (ekspedisjonssjef) of the Tax Law Department within the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, holding broad discretionary powers to inflict further harm upon Norwegian pensioners abroad. We call upon the Norwegian government, as well as other governments in areas Mr. Dajani may travel to, to apprehend Omar Dajani and to charge him with multiple counts of first degree murder.

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