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Taliban Norway Adopts Breivik’s Original Salute

27. July 2016

The organization Taliban Norway has adopted Commander Anders Behring Breivik’s original salute as its own. The salute will be recognized as the only proper courteous salutation when operatives of the organization Taliban Norway greet each other and when they address the public.

The salute was created and subsequently employed for the first time by Commander Anders Behring Breivik as he greeted the court at the commencement of his trial in Oslo on April 16, 2012.

The salute is an ingenious combination of a Roman salute and a Black Panther closed fist salute, efficaciously combining the symbolisms from both salutes to fit the political struggle of our time. The Roman salute expresses friendship, trust and loyalty. The Black Panther closed fist salute expresses solidarity and unity in the face of oppression.

The salute is performed by the right arm, fist closed throughout. The closed fist is raised to a position above and to the left of the heart, palm facing the chest, where the fist first meets the chest, more or less forcefully, depending on the occasion. Using sufficient force to produce an audible thumping sound when the fist touches the chest may be viewed as desirable in some situations. The fist is then raised while the right arm is extended upwards to where the closed fist reaches the level of the eyes (palm facing down, elbow fully stretched). The fist should begin its movement and reach its final destination in the span of one to one and a half seconds. The fist should then linger in its final position for a minimum of another second, but may linger for a longer time if a huge crowd is being greeted. The bigger the crowd, the longer the fist may linger in its final position.

On occasions where the national anthem is being played, the closed fist should be raised to where it touches the chest and rest there until the anthem has been concluded. The closed fist should then be brought to its final position.

The designation of the salute is the Breivik original salute.