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Financing IS lands Norwegian MFA on terror list

Financing IS lands Norwegian MFA on terror list

The organisation Taliban Norway has added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Oslo regime to its list of terror organisations. According to a Norwegian Taliban officer, the addition to the list is based on «extensive, prolonged, willful and substantial financial support of the Islamic State».

What practical consequences will the new status of the Oslo-based MFA entail? Few immediate consequences, according to the Taliban officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

- The implications are primarily long-term, when we at some point in the future start to untangle the regime and deal with its lackeys.

This newspaper is in the middle of publishing a complete inventory of everyone employed by the Oslo-based MFA as of June 2015, based on material provided by the organisation Taliban Norway. What should people do if they find their names listed as employees of Oslo MFA? The Taliban officer provides this advice:

- If we exclude lower personnel in non-policy making positions, they should resign, right away, and announce it publicly, loud and clear, so that we will know. Being associated with a terror organisation is not a career move. Disassociating oneself from the terror organisation will readily be seen as mitigating circumstances, and the earlier the disassociation, the more mitigating the circumstance.