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Video showing the heroes from Kweires being reunited with their families.

Some three hundred Syrian soldiers and officers at Kweires Air Force base had since December 2012 been under siege by US and Turkish backed Islamic State terrorists. The siege was finally broken on November 10, 2015 by the Syrian Arab Army assisted by Russian Air Force and units from the Hizbollah Army. The defenders of Kweires are Men of the Year 2015.

Some of the defenders of Kweires airbase.

The defenders of Kweires airbase are Men of the Year 2015. This picture only shows some of them.

Taliban Norway Magazine in December each year chooses a Man of the Year, having contributed significantly to mankind while facing insurmountable odds. Some 300 men share this years’ encomium: the soldiers having defended the Kweires airbase outside Aleppo in Syria for almost three years while repelling countless attacks by US and Turkish backed Islamic State terrorists.

Earlier years’ Man of the Year:

  • 2013: Tore Wilhelm Tvedt
    “…for his enduring service to Norwegian youth in spite of facing equally enduring political persecution by the Oslo regime.”
  • 2014: Vladimir Putin
    “…for safeguarding peace in Europe while being the target of countless military and economic provocations from NATO countries.”

Holding the airbase during a three year siege

During the siege of Kweires, the airbase was completely surrounded by the US and Turkish backed Islamic State terrorists, and the only lifeline between the airbase and the rest of free Syria was the SyAAF’s helicopter fleet, which continuously supplied the airbase with everything they needed, ranging from food to weaponry and munitions. One squadron of Mi-8s was permanently detached to Kweires in part to aid in this task.

The defenders of Kweires almost exclusively relied on light weapons in the defence of the airbase. The fact that large cargo planes present perfect targets for the Islamic State terrorists surrounding the base has meant that no heavy weaponry could be flown in: The weapons that were available to the defenders were all flown in by helicopter. This weaponry included SVD ‘Dragunov’ marksman rifles, Iranian 12.7mm AM.50 rifles, machine-guns, RPG-7s, ATGMs and a number of Russian night sights intended for the AKM to enable the defenders to better fight at night.

Eleven men were martyred while defending the airbase

Eleven soldiers gave their lives in while defending Kweires airbase, among them the airbase commander, SAA General Al-Muhanna. Rest in peace.

Killed in action.

Killed in action.

A special and affectionate mention goes to SAA soldier Ghaith Balol, who after having survived the siege of Kweires for almost three years, was martyred during a bomb attack in Homs on December 28, 2015. Rest in peace.

SAA soldier Ghaith Balol. Foto: Hassan Ridha

SAA soldier Ghaith Balol. Foto: Hassan Ridha