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Amir Hekmati executed?

Amir Hekmati executed?Convicted US spy Amir Hekmati.

According to Iranian broadcasting, the US spy Amir Hekmati was executed by hanging in a Tehran prison at dawn on May 31. Lawyers in Tehran question the news.

According to an English language broadcast from IRIB, convicted US spy Amir Hekmati was executed by hanging in a Tehran prison on My 31. Lawyers representing parties contesting the most recent verdict in the Hekmati case, overturning his death sentence, claim to be unaware of the news.

Taliban Norway was one of several groups appealing the overturning of Hekmati’s death sentence. Lawyers in Tehran working on behalf of several parties behind a motion to the Iranian Supreme Court urging Iran to carry through the death sentence, claim they have not received word of an imminent execution.

On the issue on whether advance notice would have been given about the execution, a representative of the lawyers stated that the case is still under appeal and that according to Iranian law a convict on death row cannot be executed unless the party holding the right of retribution has been named, and the nature of the appeal still on the Supreme Court desk is precisely about ownership to the right of retribution.