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22. juli

Breivik Revisited: 4 – Comments

Breivik Revisited: 4 – Comments

Taliban Norway Magazine in a series of reports revisits the terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya Island on July 22, 2011, highlighting facts not generally covered in depth in mainstream media. These reports have earlier been published by NEB and have been made available to Taliban Norway Magazine by Erik Somjai Wongrattanasakul, who has also contributed to this story. Text and illustrations courtesy of NEB and Erik Somjai Wongrattanasakul.

Alleged bomb making blender purchased from police lawyer, chopper stand down order, first arriving officer stand down order, Delta Force slow boat to China farce, witnesses reporting several shooters are themselves imprisoned, falsification of police logs, deletion of government vehicle fleet GPS logs, DAs cherry-picking witnesses and then bickering inbetween themselves, and everyone in the police and the MOJ lying through their teeth pretty much about everything. Crucial evidence was then stolen from a container under police supervision 24/7. In this fourth and last report on the July 22 terror attacks, we recount the words of three commentators, each pointing out the inconsistencies of the official story.

Professor James Petras writes:

The Lone Assassin: a fascist Superman travels faster than a speeding bullet versus the police moving slower than an arthritic turtle

The case for the “lone wolf terrorist” defies credence. It is a tissue of lies used to cover up state complicity, intelligence malfeasance, and the sharp right-turn in the domestic and foreign policies of NATO countries.

There is no basis to accept Breivik’s initial claim that he acted alone for several outstanding reasons:

- First, the car bomb, which devastated downtown Oslo, was a highly complex weapon requiring expertise and coordination – the kind available to state or intelligence services, like the Mossad, which specialize in devastating car bombs. Amateurs, like Breivik, with no training in explosives, usually blow themselves up or lack the skill required to connect the electronic timing devices or remote detonators (like the unsuccessful ‘shoe’, ‘underpants’ and ‘Times Square’ bombers have proved).

- Secondly, the details of (a) moving the bomb, (b) obtaining (stealing) a vehicle, (c) placing the device at the strategic site, (d) successfully detonating it and (e) then gowning up in an elaborate special police uniform with an arsenal of hundreds of rounds of ammunition and driving off in another vehicle to Utoeya Island, (f) waiting patiently while armed to the teeth for a ferry boat, g) crossing with other passengers in his police uniform, (h) rounding up the Labor youth activists and commencing the massacre of scores of unarmed youth and finally (i) finishing off the wounded and hunting for those trying to hide or swim away – is not the activity of a lone zealot. Even the combination of Superman, Einstein and a world class marksman could not perform those tasks.

..two more cells in my organization..

The media and NATO leaders must view the public as passive morons to expect them to believe that Anders Behring Breivik “acted alone”. He is willing to take a 20 year prison sentence if it means, as he maintains, that their collective action is the spark that ignites his comrades and advances the agenda of the violent and legal far rightwing parties. Facing a Norwegian judge on July 25, he publically declared the existence of “two more cells in my organization”.

According to witness testimony on Utoeya Island shots from two distinct weapons were heard from different directions during the massacre. The police say they are… “investigating”. Needless to say the police have found nothing; instead they put on a “show” to cover their inaction by raiding two houses far from the massacre and quickly released the suspects.

The most serious political implication of the terrorist action, however, is the conspicuous complicity of top police officials. The police took 90 minutes to arrive at Utoeya Island, located less than 20 kilometers from Oslo, 12 minutes by helicopter and 25 to 30 minutes by car and boat. The delay allowed the right wing assassins to use up the ammunition, maximizing the death toll of young, anti-fascist activists and devastating the Labor Youth Movement. The police chief, Sveinung Sponheim, made the feeblest excuse and cover-up, claiming “problems with transport”. Sponheim argued that a helicopter “wasn’t on standby” and they “could not find a boat” (Associated Press, July 24, 2011).

Yet a helicopter was available; it managed to fly to Utoeya and film the ongoing slaughter, and over half of Norwegians, a seafaring people for millennia, own or have access to a boat. A police force, faced with what the Prime Minister calls the “worst atrocity since the Nazi occupation”, moving at the pace of an arthritic turtle to rescue youth activists, raises the suspicion of some level of complicity.

What it suggests is that the Social Democrats only control part of the Government – the legislative, while the neo-fascists influence the state apparatus.

The obvious question arises as to the degree to which the ideology of right wing extremism – neo-fascism – has penetrated the police and security forces, especially the upper echelons? This level of “inactivity” raises more questions than it answers. What it suggests is that the Social Democrats only control part of the Government – the legislative, while the neo-fascists influence the state apparatus.

The plain fact is that the police did not save a single life. When they finally arrived, Anders Behring Breivik had run out of ammunition and surrendered turning himself over to the police. The police literally did not fire a single shot; they did not even have to hunt or capture the assassin. An almost choreographed scenario: Hundreds wounded, 68 unarmed, peaceful activists killed and the Labor youth movement decimated.

The police can claim “crime solved” while the mass media prattles about a “lone assassin”. The far right has a “martyr” to mask a further advance in their anti-Muslim, pro Israel crusade. (It is reminiscent of the celebrated Israeli-American fascist mass murderer, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, who slaughtered dozens of unarmed Palestinian men and boys at prayer in 1994).

Only two days before the political murders, the head of the Labor Party Youth Movement, Eskil Pederson, gave an interview to the Dagbladet, Norway’s second largest tabloid, in which he announced a “unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side” (Gilad Atzmon, July 24, 2011).

The fact of the matter is that the Norwegian military has no problem promptly dispatching 500 troops to Afghanistan, half way around the world and providing six Norwegian Air Force jets and pilots to bomb and terrorize Libya. And yet they can’t find a helicopter or a row boat to transport their police a couple hundred yards to stop a domestic right wing terrorist – whose murderous rampage was being described second by second by the terrorized young victims on their cell phones to their frantic parents?


“I wish I could be told the truth.”

Says Mr. Jarl Robert Christensen, father of the victim Birgitte Smetbak: “I wish I could be told the truth from someone in charge at the police.” He adds: “If the police has nothing to hide, then why are they not giving us more information?”

  • Witness testimonies have been classified.
  • Police procedures for live fire emergencies have been classified.
  • All other reports which have been submitted by search & rescue crews, police officers and police departments have been classified.

News source:

“The massacre could have been avoided”

Says Mr. Arne Seland, legal counsel for one of the beraved families: “The police logs show that had the police acted differently, the massacre could have been avoided altogether.”

Eight minutes after the bomb attack on Govt Plaza security phoned the police informing them about a suspect having run from a white van just before the explosion. Three and a half hours passed before the security staff at Govt Plaza was interviewed by the police. Then it was revealed CCTV cameras had caught both Mr. Breivik and the license plate of the white van on tape.

Asks Counsel Seland: “Why was a public warning not circulated? Norway must be the only country in the world where someone carrying a gun, dressed up in a police uniform, a helmet and a bulletproof vest may stroll away from the scene of a terror attack on government buildings without anyone reacting.”

Counsel Seland continues: “Had the CCTV pictures been circulated right away, the security at the ferry port might have reacted differently.” Counsel Seland is firm in his conviction that had the police done their job, the ensuing massacre could have been avoided.

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